Pyon Pyon

Pyon Pyon

Charming designs in the Gothic and Lolita style with playful details come from Pyon Pyon. In our assortment we offer to you some designs of the brand.


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Product no.: DA-02-013

A tip for the lovers of historically inspired clothes is this Gothic blouse. A special detail of the blouse is ...

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Charming Gothic blouse with rose decorations in the Lolita style. The blouse fascinates above all by the lace decorations and ...

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Great Gothic blouse with lots of details in a completely different way - the sleeves are the highlight. The sleeves start with a small ...

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Enchanting Gothic blouse with special decoration of the neckline in the front and rear area. The embellishments, which are made from ...

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Product no.: DA-02-037

Adorable Gothic corset top that can be worn in combination with blouses or shirts. The top was made of a ...

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Charming nice Gothic velvet bolero to the rounding-off of yours Lolita-or historically seeming outfits.

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Skillfully complete your look with this magnificent Gothic waist corset. On the outside in black synthetic leather, on the inside ...

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Elegant Gothic half arm little jacket in the Lolita style. The jacket was worked from a wonderful pink fabric with black little points.

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Adorable Gothic skirt - not only because of the fabrics used. The skirt was worked shorter in the front area and then becomes ...

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Enchanting Gothic velvet bolero with special details. The bolero is edged with a delicate lace on the collar and entire hem.

39.95 *

Charming, light shirt with historically inspired standing collar application. This is added to the shirt ending by a frill.

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Product no.: DA-03-011

Fabulous short Gothic tulle skirt in the Lolita style. The skirt consists of a tender layer of fabric in pink with glittered blossoms, ...

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Finally a Gothic sweater with that special something. The sweater is kept very short in length and has been worked ...

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Great Gothic coat for the colder season with a touch of the Victorian. The coat was worked so that it falls A-shaped ...

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Especially luxuriant Gothic lace skirt made of black lace and violet/anthracite coloured sateen. The skirt consists of four layers.

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Breathtaking Gothic lace skirt with elaborate tailoring. In the front area, a delicate layer of tulle covered with lace elements ...

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With this Gothic lace blouse you will definitely be an eye-catcher. The blouse is made of a cotton fabric that is trimmed with lace ...

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Product no.: DA-02-068

Super cute Gothic lace shirt with shimmering optics in the front. The short shirt is made in the chest area from a slightly transparent, ...

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You will like this elegant and playful Gothic lace coat. The coat is covered all over with a kind of lace. In addition, ...

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Adorable Gothic cape with lace and fake fur. The cape was made in the upper and hood area from a warming material, then ...

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