Welcome to Gothic Noblesse. We are pleased that you found us - and maybe you also will find something among our products.

Gothic Noblesse doesn`t understand itself as a big shop, but rather as a small, pretty boutique. That`s why you won`t find that much products as you may find at other suppliers. Therefor each product was especially chosen - always folling the slogan of Gothic Noblesse: noble, elegant, extravagant - always something special.

We want to indicate that all products are checked on defects before they are sent to you. So if you have the feeling that the packaging of the ordered product was opened before then you are right.

To keep the shipping costs as low as possible we please you as possible only to order the products that you really want to own. If you though wish to return a product, no matter for which reason, of course you have a right of revocation.

If you are not sure by choosing the right size please use the information given at the product and the sizing chart which you will find at the Service category. Therefore you may also contact us. We are not able to ensure that everything fits in every case but we try to advise you as good as possible.


Information for orders:

(1) Orders that are not payed 14 days after the receipt of the invoice will be cancelled automatically by us - unless you inform us about a later executed payment.

(2) If you order a product which is marked with a longer delivery time the invoicing practice occurs - differing from our previous practice - immediatley after the receipt of the order.These products will be ordered for you at our suppliers as soon as the payment for the invoice is carried out. In the case that a paid product isn`t available you will get back the paid amount.

(3) If you wish a delivery to a certain date which lies in the near future, please ask us whether we can keep to this wish of delivery. This is primarily valid with not immediately available articles. Also note that the delivery time is to be understood from your payment entrance, not e.g. from order entrance.



We want to explicitly indicate that you shouldn`t carry out any changes in every kind on the ordered products as long as you are not sure to keep them. If changes are carried out on returned products anyhow that furthermore led to a worsening therefor we will calculate a compensation for lost value according to our Standard Business Conditions (see 2. Revocation instruction: Consequences of revocation). The amount of the compensation for lost value depends on the heaviness of the worsening. The same will be effective if the returned products show dirt or displeasing smells. We also please you not to remove the manufacturers` labels if you don`t want to keep the products.


Do you have questions, suggestions or want to practise criticism? Then tell us with pleasure, whether by e-mail, phone or in writing.

Gift coupon and Other

You want to treat someone but don`t know what to choose? We also offer gift coupons and "Pfingstgeflüster" books.

Sizing charts

Information on the offered sizes you will find here.

Brands and Designers

You are looking for a special brand? Here`s an overview on the brands we` re offering to you.


Ensuring reductions? When we are offering a campaign you can be informed about it in detail here.

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